Comprehensive Transportation Services for Abnormal Loads and More

At CTS-East, we specialize in providing exceptional and cost-effective transportation services for abnormal and heavy loads in the South African market and neighboring countries such as Botswana, Swaziland, Lesotho, Namibia, Zimbabwe, and Mozambique.

Our extensive range of services caters to various sectors, including mining, construction, plant hire, energy utility, crane hire, crushing and screening, farming equipment, military, railway, and many more.

With nearly three decades of experience in the transportation industry, CTS East has built a solid reputation for efficiently moving abnormal loads and providing top-notch escort services for our clients.

About Us

Our dedicated team consists of approximately 100 skilled professionals, including drivers, driver's assistants, escort drivers, workshop and yard assistants, as well as experienced managerial and operational personnel. Both our Managing Director, Trevor Rawlings, and his deputy, Dave Thompson, boast a collective experience of 70 years in the industry. They personally oversee sensitive and large load operations to ensure maximum safety and client satisfaction.

To meet our clients' diverse transport requirements, we maintain a large and flexible fleet of prime movers and trailers with various configurations. Our fleet includes low-weight 6X2 vehicles, ultra-heavy 6X4 and 8X4 haulers, 8X6 haulers, and 44 trailers. Regular servicing and maintenance of our fleet are conducted in our fully equipped workshops, ensuring the reliability of our abnormal hauling operations.

We take pride in our extensive experience, professionalism, and dedication to service. Our satisfied clients include prominent organizations such as Roshcon (Eskom), ELB Equipment, Liebherr Africa, Shantui, HPE (High Power Equipment), WBHO, Eqstra Heavy Lift, Sarens SA, Kalmar Forklift, and many others.

At CTS East, meticulous planning and hands-on management enable us to deliver efficient and cost-effective abnormal hauling services. We closely monitor our vehicles, and our drivers maintain constant communication with our team.

With our innovative transport solutions and advanced fleet management capabilities, we consistently provide sustainable results for a diverse client base.

When it comes to transporting your abnormal load safely to its destination, CTS East places great emphasis on delivering excellence.

For further information about our abnormal hauling services, please get in touch with the experts at CTS East.

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