Transport of special loads

Exceptional transport is essentially the transport of items that exceed the legal limits in both weight and dimensions. Various special cargoes that are transported must comply with certain regulations, which may include an obligation to accompany them to ensure the safety of other road users. Trucks with flatbed trailers and other forms of transportation equipment are typically used for these applications.

The carriage of unusual loads may sometimes require a permit that exempts the hauler from normal road laws such as weight and dimensions. However, these permits are only granted when there is no alternative method of getting the goods to their intended destination. Once permission has been granted, special loading can proceed provided there is no additional risk to other road users.
Drivers and driver assistants are required for the successful transport of heavy goods. It is also a requirement that some large cargo shipments require the services of escort drivers to ensure the safety of everyone on the roads. The most common industries that require exceptional loads are mining and construction, as well as some other sectors that require the use of equipment and crane hire.


What are abnormal charges?
Exceptional cargo is cargo that, because of its weight or dimensions, cannot be carried in a conventional cargo vehicle and requires a special vehicle and arrangements for transportation.

What is an abnormal truck?
Special cargo refers to the transportation of goods that cannot be broken down into units legally permitted for road transport. Goods may have dimensions or mass that exceed the limits of the Highway Code.

What are indivisible abnormal loads?
An “abnormal indivisible load” is defined as a load which, without undue effort or risk of damage, cannot be divided into two or more loads for the purpose of carriage by road and which, because of its dimensions and/or weight, cannot be transported in a vehicle that complies with road vehicle regulations

Normally loads may not protrude more than 305mm on each side of the vehicle and the overall width of vehicle and load may not exceed 2.9m. However, an exception is made in the regulations to allow indivisible loads up to 4.3 m wide under certain conditions

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