Our Plant Hire

If you are working in the construction sector, you will be all too familiar with the feeling you’re faced with when you realise you don’t have the necessary equipment to complete a job. Often, construction and plant equipment can be costly, particularly if you know that you will only require said equipment for a short period of time.

That’s where plant hire comes in. When you opt for hiring plant machinery over buying it, you cut the costs of purchasing a whole new machine- which in turn helps to improve your overall profit margins on a job. On the other hand, perhaps you are working on your own property, making a renovation or commencing a self-build project. Plant hire comes in handy because you reduce your costs, meaning more of your money can be spent on other, more important items.



Whether your project is large or small, it is likely that you will need to use heavy machinery at one time or another, particularly if you are in the process of building. However, purchasing new machinery is costly. It’s not just the initial cost of the equipment you need to think about when buying- it’s the cost of upkeep too. When you purchase heavy equipment and use it regularly, you open the door to a number of problems such as the costs of maintaining the machine and the problem of where to store it.
On the other hand, when you hire machinery, you avoid these issues because you only need to hire the machines for the amount of time that you actually need them.


Like anything that you purchase brand new, the value of it depreciates over time. If you’re buying heavy new equipment for thousands of pounds, the likelihood is that it will not be worth that when you come to sell it. If you’re purchasing plant machinery solely for one project, you’re likely to lose money when it depreciates in value.


When you use expensive, heavy machinery, you want to be sure that it gets the job done efficiently and safely. When you hire plant machinery, you can guarantee that it is in good working condition and meets the necessary safety standards because they are regularly checked over by a professional.


Hiring is a great option because it gives you flexibility when you most need it. Every project is different which means that the equipment that you use one day, you might not need the next. You won’t lose money by hiring because you will only use it when you need it.


If you’re working on a landscaping project and are manoeuvring heavy aggregates regularly, you might want to consider hiring a power barrow. Power barrows are motorised wheelbarrows which can help to increase productivity by carrying loads for you. Similar to diggers, power barrows work on wheels or tracks. 


Dumpers are fantastic machines used for transporting aggregate materials on construction or landscaping sites. Some dumpers, such as the ones that CTS-East offers, are capable of carrying up to a tonne of materials at one time.
If you are disposing of excavation waste on your construction project, a dumper truck might be the best solution for you, particularly if you need to move heavy materials quickly and across a site that is rough or muddy.


If you’re working on a small independent project such as a garden sun house or perhaps you are working on a larger scale project such as a self-build, you are likely to need to assistance of a cement mixer if you are using cement within your build.
Ideal for both DIY projects and professional applications, cement mixers can be hired to combine cement, using aggregates such as sand or gravel with water to form a mortar or concrete paste.


Wood Chippers & Grinders



If you’re undertaking a project which requires you to clear land, you might think of ways in which you can best recycle what you cut down. Wood chippers can be used to shred pieces of wood so that they can be reused. You might opt to use the shredded wood as compost, or perhaps you would like to repurpose the chopped wood into something else.

At CTS-East, we offer woodchippers in a variety of sizes, depending on your requirements. For example, a petrol engine machine can chop branches of 1” to 3” thick, whereas a 6” woodchipper can chip up to four tonnes of material per hour.


Stump grinders are pieces of equipment that are used to remove tree stumps. These pieces of equipment are ideal if you are working on a groundwork project and need to remove tree stumps to start on the work.


You might be wondering how best to transport your plant machinery once you have hired it. That’s where plant trailers come in. Whether you’re after a car trailer, commercial trailer or luggage trailer, you can be sure to find what you need with CTS-East. From transporting your plant machinery to your project materials, a trailer can really come in handy when you’re taking on a construction project of any size.