What are abnormal loads?

An abnormal load is a load which due to its weight, or dimensions cannot be carried on a conventional goods vehicle and requires a special vehicle and arrangements for its transport.

What is abnormal truck?

Abnormal load refers to the transportation of goods that cannot be dismantled into units that are legally permitted to be on the road. The goods may have dimensions or a mass that exceeds the limit of the road laws.

What are abnormal indivisible loads?

An “abnormal indivisible load” is defined as a load that cannot, without undue expense or risk of damage, be divided into two or more loads for the purpose of being carried on the road and that owing to its dimensions and/or weight cannot be carried on a vehicle complying with the Road Vehicles

What is the maximum legal height of a loaded vehicle in South Africa?

approximately 4.3 metres

The overall height of a normal road transport trailer loaded with a standard or general purpose container is approximately 4.3 metres, which corresponds to the maximum permissible height of 4.3 metres for vehicles travelling on South African public roads.

Can wide loads travel at night?

wide may move at night on Interstates and four-lane divided highways. In some cases, maximum width loads may be required to move at night during periods of least traffic