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A load is classified as abnormal if it cannot be transported or moved, without exceeding road limitations. In accordance with the National Road Traffic Act, vehicle with cargo or haulage are subject to limitations in terms of dimension and mass. With a permit allowing the transportation of such cargo, however, abnormal loads may be moved along public roads. A permit is granted if the transportation of an abnormal load is conclusively in the interest of the country or society. Although the permit allows movement on public roads, it also demands warning signage, amber flashing lights and reflectors to be present. Usually, an over-sized load is escorted by other vehicles.

As abnormal haulage poses a risk to road user and the driver himself, there are various factors to consider when it comes to insurance. Potential liabilities are weighed up. This includes good being damaged while in transit, damage to the hauling vehicle or other, environmental as well as person damage, death and third-party property. The risk, however, can be mitigated by ensuring that the procedural maintenance of relevant vehicles are upheld.

In recent years costs of spillage and recovery due to abnormal loads have escalated to over R400 000 per incident. South African authorities have decided to become stricter in their enforcement of clean-up costs.

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