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World Hauling History

Here at CTS-East, our abnormal load/lowbed division is one of the most sophisticated and well managed fleets in the industry. We regularly cater to a variety of major industries,including construction, mining, structural steel and even aviation.

Massive Load Transportation History

1. The Flight of the Spruce Goose
Despite is numerous eccentricities Howard Hughes was one of the most prolific airplane designers in history. From the late 20?s up until the middle 50?s Hughes designed some incredible aircraft, including the D-2 Bomber, the record-breaking H-1 Racer  and, of course, the XF-11, an aircraft which almost cost him his life. The most astounding, however, has to be the H-4 Hercules or the Spruce Goose as it was known by the media (the Hercules was actually manufactured from Birch). This massive plane, however, was never put into service as it was never completed. In fact, it was speculated that the plane may be too heavy to fly. Undaunted, Howard Hughes set out to prove that it can fly and offered to pilot the plane himself. Of course, in order to fly, the sea-plane had to be transported from its hangar in Playa Vista, Los Angeles to a specially designed dock in Long Beach, California. Needless to say, judging by the image, this was a monumental undertaking. The fuselage was almost 75 metres long and one wing alone measured an astonishing 50 meters. Nevertheless, the aircraft was disassembled and started its arduous 38 kilometre journey to its destination and, once there, true to his word, Howard Hughes did fly the H-4 Hercules, albeit briefly. Today, the Spruce Goose is still considered to be the biggest flying boat in the world. 

2. Final Journey of the Shuttle Endeavour
Although Endeavour did briefly fly on top of its carrier to Los Angeles International Airport, it completed the rest of the journey on the back of a massive lowbed trailer and through the streets of Los Angeles. Needless to say, the crowds really accumulated to see the final 20 kilometre journey of this massive space plane. Several trees had to be felled and telephone poles had to be temporarily moved in order for the massive orbiter to complete its journey. The entire 20 kilometre trip took two days to complete and the footage of the Endeavour moving through the streets of Los Angeles was featured in a commercial for Super Bowl 2013.

3. The 100 metre British Behemoth
If you are a regular on South African roads then you?d know what it is like to get stuck behind a slow moving lorry and the absolute frustration it can cause. Especially if you look behind you and you see the mass of traffic piling up. Tempers can flare and the cacophony of blaring horns is not going to make this lorry move any faster. Well, if you know how it feels then you?d know how many British motorists felt on November 17th, 2013 when the heaviest load ever to be hauled on British roads made its debut. This massive power plant transformer was a 100 metres long, 5 metres wide and weighed an astonishing 620 tons, more than the Space Shuttle. And, crawling along at an agonisingly slow 6 kilometres an hour, this massive load took three days to complete its journey from Ditcot Power Station in Oxfordshire to Avonmouth Docks in Bristol. To say that this monolithic load backed up traffic would be a gross understatement. In fact, due to the immense size of the load and its slow speed (It took an average of six minutes to cross an intersection.) the line of traffic behind the behemoth reached a length of 20 kilometres at times. Nevertheless, the company hired to complete this massive undertaking did a fantastic job and the generator arrived safely at its destination near Retford, Nottinghamshire much to the relief of British motorists.

These abnormally sized load hauling industry, shows the value of experienced overland transport when it comes to hauling heavy loads. We have over 21 years of experience when it comes to hauling oversized loads and an impeccable record of getting your load there safely and on time, every time. We have dedicated routes that stretches across the length and breadth of Southern Africa, from Capetown to Beitbridge, from Port Elisabeth to Upington. So, call us or visit our site for more information and come and see, here at CTS-East, why bigger is better.