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Mandela Day 2013

Car Towing Services East giving back to the Community.

67 Minutes is honestly not much to give to the less fortunate considering they have so much less than we do.

 The Staff of CTS-East were sent out on the 19th of July 2013 to not only spend 67 minutes, but the whole day with people in great financial, moral and spiritual need. Giving back to the Community by helping Christian Praise Centre (or CPC), a skills Development Centre taking in families with no home or shelter. We had the great pleasure to feed somewhat 100 hungry mouths.

The whole day was planned by Magdeline Jobe (Procurement Manageress) whose heart opened when she stopped at this place on Tuesday. Seeing the absolute need the families living here have she felt it would be suitable to spend our Community Day there.

The Convoy of Car Towing staff of about 15 people arrived at CPC at about 10AM and joined one of the staff members of CPC for a tour of the grounds. The Centre accommodates approximately 30 families, some of who have up to nine children and never got the opportunity to learn, read or write. It was quickly obvious how some of these families crept into the hearts of the staff.

Being hands ON and not a hand OUT centre we decided it would be suitable to start a vegetable garden to further skill these people and for them to take responsibility for something, even if it?s only for a row of Cabbage!

Proper cooked meals were handed out to these people and the Compliments came streaming in.

Then our focus was locked on the kids as we handed out Sweet Bags, Fruit and Colouring books and Crayons to the little ones living in the Centre as well as the Day Care Centre on the Property.

Thank you to every person who helped in the kitchen, dished a plate, handed out a parcel, or worked in the garden. Your compassion didn?t go unnoticed.

For the Staff of Car Towing Services East Mandela Day 2013 was a huge success.

If we join hands and hearts, it will show, how far a little love can go.