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CTS East are proud to announce the arrival of their new Faymonville ModulMax Multi Axle/Modular trailer which is comprised of a 40 Tonne Gooseneck, a 2 Axle Line Module, a 4 Axle Line Module, a 6 Axle Line Module, a 4.5 Metre Spacer Deck, an 8 Metre Spine Deck and a 5 Metre Spine Extension Deck. All Axles are fully statically and dynamically steerable thereby minimising ?cut-in? and enabling the combination to negotiate the tightest of corners by either automatically hydraulically steering or Remote Manual steering.
This combination can be assembled in many different configurations to suit the Load and Route from the Gooseneck with a 6 Axle Line Module to the Gooseneck with 10 and 12 Axle Lines. It can be configured with a 4.5 Metre Spacer Deck either behind the Gooseneck or between the Modules. It can be configured with the 8 Metre Spine Deck for either loading a machine on Mattresses on the extension Arms or straddled, the latter facilitating lowering the laden height of the machine by at least 800mm which expands the Routes which can be followed. The 8 Metre Spine Deck is long enough to accommodate the largest of Excavators, Dozers and Wheel Loaders whilst extension with the 5 Metre Spine Extension extends the Deck to 13 Metres for loading machines with a longer footprint.
The Payload capacity is in excess of 100 Tonnes depending on the Configuration and the restrictions placed on the Combination by the Bridge Formula. This combination, added to our already large Fleet of Specialised imported Trailers puts us in a commanding position in terms of our capability to handle a diversity of loads to our Clients advantage.