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Our country sure have beautiful roads, not so? And, if you're an avid traveller on our roads, you've undoubtedly seen a variety of strange and bizarre vehicles. And, apart from trucks, we're sure you've seen abnormally large loads being hauled by truck. Those are usually the trucks that hold up traffic, even on the interstate and, if you were ever stuck behind one of these monsters, undoubtedly it frustrated the heck out of you. But, not any truck driver can haul a load like that. In fact, it takes a very particular skill.

And, unfortunately, those skills are sometimes hard to find and some of those with the necessary skills are sometimes not motivated enough to see the job through. Well, if you have an abnormally sized load to haul, what are your options? Obviously, you won't be able to rely on the services of any conventional hauling company because their trucks and trailers are simply not large enough to haul your very large and heavy load. If this describes your current scenario, have no fear, because there's light at the end of this tunnel. Here, at CTS-East, we are abnormal hauling specialists. Now, we know that many companies can make a similar claim but, unlike them, we have the equipment and the experience to back it up. Since our inception, we have endeavoured to become the best, most reliable overland abnormal hauling specialists and, after several years of operation, we have become increasingly successful at it. We have a fleet of heavy duty trucks and a variety of trailers to choose from. We pride ourselves for our dedication to our customers and the speedy and safe delivery of their abnormal freight.

Not just anyone can drive an abnormally sized load. It takes experience, skill and no small amount of intrepidity and our drivers rank as some of the best in the industry. Here at CTS-East, we cater to mainly the mining, construction, plant hire, electricity and aviation industries and, no matter what size load you have, you can rest assured that we will get it there on time, every time. With over 70 years of collective industry experience it's no wonder that, when it comes to hauling oversized loads, CTS-East are abnormal hauling specialists.